GRIFFIN Collaboration

GRIFFIN - Gamma-Ray Infrastructure For Fundamental Investigations of Nuclei - is a state-of-the-art facility for decay spectroscopy with rare-isotope beams located at the TRIUMF-ISAC-I facility, Vancouver, Canada. An array of 16 high-purity germanium clover detectors coupled to a fully digital data acquisition system dramatically increases gamma-ray detection efficiency and data aquisition throughput over past experiments, while leveraging a powerful suite of ancillary detectors developed for its predecessor, the 8pi spectrometer.

17x efficiency

GRIFFIN is 17 times more efficient in gamma-ray singles (almost 300 times more efficiency for gamma-gamma coincidences) at 1 MeV, and around 40 times more efficient at 10 MeV, than its predacesor.

Massive Data

The GRIFFIN DAQ is capable of writing up to 200 TB of data to disk every week - allowing the exploration of rarer processes than ever before.

Physics on the Web

The GRIFFIN Toolkit is a suite of web apps built for designing, understanding and running experiments at GRIFFIN, all on the web. Check out our tools, or look under the hood - all GRIFFIN web projects are open source on GitHub.