Web Toolkit

The GRIFFIN Collaboration has developed a suite of online tools for experimental design, monitoring and control. These tools help expedite & standardize the production of experimental proposals, and provide scientists with convenient and powerful means for understanding GRIFFIN experiments as they unfold. For the best experience, explore these apps in the latest Firefox or Chrome. Curious how we did it? All these projects and more are available open source on GitHub.

Spectrum Viewer

The GRIFFIN DAQ broadcasts live data as experiments run; the Spectrum Viewer visualizes gamma ray spectra and more in real time, and offers a suite of tools for peak fitting and customizable visualization.

Rate Monitor

As data is collected, a key measure of experimental performance is the rate of gamma rays observed in certain spectral peaks; the GRIFFIN Rate Monitor makes tracking these rates a snap.

Efficiency Calculator

In order to predict the rate of data collected by GRIFFIN and its ancillary detectors, the Efficiency Calculator models the detection efficiency of the array in various configurations as a function of particle energy.

Data Spy

GRIFFIN generates raw data in a terse format at extremely high speed. The GRIFFIN Data-Spy lets scientists peek under the hood at the raw data, to quickly diagnose problems and catch encoding mistakes.

Beam Companion Explorer

Other experiments at TRIUMF recieves accelerated radioactive beams from the ISAC facilities; in order to predict what contaminants will appear in beam as a result of the charge-breeding process, the Beam Companion Explorer automatically generates plots and predictions for beam composition.

Angular Correlation Calculator

GRIFFIN's increased gamma-gamma efficiency and 52 unique opening angles make it a prime tool for measuring gamma-gamma angular correlations; the Angular Correlation Calculator displays the expected angular correlation based on the spins and mixing ratios involved in a gamma-gamma cascade.

Additional Useful Tools